I’ve been seeing April for about 3 months for treatment and it has made such a difference. I tried going to a massage therapist and chiropractor before trying acupuncture, but it didn’t have the impact on my health that acupuncture has. April has done so much in terms of reducing stiffness and pain in my back, hips, and IT band. I have gone in where I had barely any range of motion from a muscle strain and felt 100% better the next day. Overall I feel stronger, have more endurance, and much less pain and stiffness in my body. The increase in flexibility was noticeable and has been the most pleasant surprise of my treatments. April takes great care in making sure that she understands what is going on with my body, provides an amazing level of care during treatments, and gives very good advice for health and nutrition to maximize treatments in the long term. I have already recommended April to friends and family, and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a highly skilled acupuncturist for treatment. Thank you April!

-Matt R


After three years of chronic lower back pain due to a degenerative torn disc, and being on numerous medications at a time, my friend recommended I go see April. With her help I was able to get off all my medications, and my back feels better then I could have imagined. I went through years of suffering through different therapies, medications and injections hoping for something to make it better. Now I am able to do things I haven’t been able to do with my family in a long time. I only wish I would have done Acupuncture sooner!

-Wendy C